Through My Eyes

My wonky eyes have given me an idea for a new photography project.

My hobby of photography has been on something of a backburner of late. I’ve been bereft of ideas. But I’ve suddenly had one. Thought I’m not sure how successful it would be.

My idea is this. Get out there and create a series of photographs that mimic the vision I have thanks (no thanks) to a corneal disease called Keratoconus. I’ve just taken some test shots in my study as a proof of concept.

And yep, this is very close to what my left eye sees (!) when I’m not wearing a contact lens thanks to #Keratoconus. Sadly my cornea is so damaged that a lens doesn’t fully fix it.

The weird squiggly shapes from bright lights is not an exaggeration. My cornea’s pattern is slightly different but it really does look like that. Street lights are a nightmare.

If anything the photos aren’t severe enough as there’s no way I can make out some clear text as in the image below.

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