The Technology of Perverts?

I went for a walk along the canal a couple of days ago. It was a pleasant trip and I took some pictures I’m rather fond of, the above being the best.

But there was one aspect of the journey that wasn’t so fun. That is the way that people looked at me for carrying a decent camera.

For those of you wondering, the Canon EOS 40D is not, I repeat not, a device for taking pictures of your children’s genitalia through their clothes.

People looked at me as at best mad and at worst evil incarnate just for using something more than a phone camera.

Out on the walk there were people with elaborate and expensive looking bikes and others with plenty of fishing gear – these people didn’t get a glance. But families looked at me like I was about to abduct their children.

Don’t you folks have hobbies too?

Interestingly the folks on the better bikes and those with fishing gear didn’t give me a second look. Perhaps they are well aware of what it’s like to have a nerdy hobby too.

We’d exchange a knowing look – that small smile that says, “Yes my wife let me buy this toy.”