It’s quite some time now since I ditched my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. I was not a fan of Adobe’s business practices and to be fair not entirely happy with the software itself.

Since then I’ve used lots of different software depending on need and mood. Quite often I use the JPG files straight out my camera or with a little tweaking via Google Photos. But in my PC software arsenal I also have the free Fuji version of Capture One, Affinity Photo, and RAWTherapee. All have their pros and cons.

For some time though I’ve been eyeing Alien Skin’s Exposure X4. The application is very much a clone of Adobe’s Lightroom, albeit with some interesting extras. So recently I took an opportunity to buy the software and a week a so in I’m very happy with it.

The photo above is an edit I made with Exposure X4. One of the benefits of X4 over Lightroom is the use of layers. It makes it easy to use layers for edits without feeling over complicated or the need to send the image into a full featured editor such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo.