RIP Our Fridge

The sort of fridge we can't afford

Our fridge gave up today, meaning we’ve had to order a new one and throw a lot of food away. Your fridge dying is life’s shitty middle-aged way of saying “no you can’t have a 4K TV in your lounge.”

Now we’ll have to spend ages removing all the photos and stupid sticky things that families with kids cover their fridges in. Including the rude words some childish person (me) has made with magnetic letters.

We’ve had to throw a lot of food away. Not that it was ever going to be eaten. It was lots of spare unidentifiable things from the packs of six families of five have to buy. Eat five, put sixth one in the Drawer of Forgetting to be turned into a meat Popsicle.So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

So many memories unearthed amid the old freezer trays. Hey it’s that one left over burger from 2015. Here’s that curry we saved a portion of in 2016. Ooh the unopened packet of fish fillets we bought during the 2012 Olympics when trying to be healthy that we’ve since spent six years ignoring in favour of pizza and doner kebab meat. Now here’s something curious entirely encased in ice, possibly a shape shifting alien. And inevitably, a few pieces of Lego and 37 Loom Bands.

No, that’s not our kitchen in the photo.