Return of the Blog

The self destruction of Twitter over the last few weeks has brought into sharp focus that much of the content many of us have created in recent years is very fragile, and no longer belongs to us. When Facebook, Twitter, and others came along many of us abandoned personal blogs and I feel the Internet became a poorer and less colourful place.

So I have decided to start blogging again. This may be of no interest to anyone else. But as someone who has spent much of his career working as a writer, flexing my writing muscles again is not a bad thing.

The currents state of the blog is a bit shoddy. Originally this site had many hundreds of posts and a vibrants commenting community. Right now it has neither. I culled a lot of the posts because no-one needs to read all the self-pity and woe of a decade or more ago. I’ve been running this site for something like 18 years now and much of the content just had no context for those visiting now for the first time. What remains is sort of a greatest hits, or at least stuff I didn’t feel like deleting. The formatting is all over the place so over time I’ll attempt to draw it all together a bit.

And what of the future? I don’t know yet. But I feel as a project I just want to get stuck back in to creating content that I own, rather than feather the nest of another tech billionaire, especially one who cosies up to fascism.