Lightning Over Dorset

I was very lucky to get this shot last night. I’ve tried to capture lighting before but never quite got a satisfactory shot. This one…

How I Didn’t Learn to Play Guitar

In 1989 I got a book that was just strumming easy chords to famous songs. It was frustrating because they weren’t necessarily in the right…

A Voice for Ellie

Read my semi-autobiographic story of love and loss via Amazon Kindle. … A Voice for EllieRead More »


Deadly goings on in our garden this morning as a Sparrowhawk captures a small bird. … SparrowhawkRead More »

Happy #nondom Day

Every general election has certain days you know will be super important. Even now it only takes a word or two to evoke those memories…

Videogame Ghosts

Lack of interactivity is something I’m noticing more and more in games. It’s not that the worlds used to be more interactive – it’s that…

Contrasting Days

My twins were eight years old yesterday. Eight. I can hardly believe it. … Contrasting DaysRead More »

Lent Sacrifice

I’m not a spiritual person – I don’t give up things for lent as a religious observance. However this year I’ve joined my wife in…
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