How the Womb is Destroying the Economy

The Tory Party conference is never really a source of joy to right thinking people as it is often the source of stupidity, selfishness, racism disguised as immigration policy and general fuckwittedness. But they’ve outdone themselves this week – as have the business leaders present.

We live in a time where we are all being asked to tighten our belts. VAT is at 20 percent which is a huge burden on the lower paid and poor who it affects disproportionately. Sure Start centres are closing, as are libraries. Councils are cutting back on services. The armed forces are being decimated by a shortsighted and dangerous foreign policy. Our nation is being stripped bare in the name of the Tory deficit reduction plan.

Someone somewhere has really fucked up our nation and we’re now having to pay for it. But who is to blame? Well you’d think, given the policy ideas coming from the Tory conference, that workers are to blame. Yes the poor workers of this country are to blame for wanting things like access to legal redress, support when ill or pregnant, somewhere safe to work and a workplace free of discrimination. If only we could return to the days of toddlers working under spinning machines then the economy would grow and all would be well. And while we are it, can we cut the top rate of tax down a bit, some execs are down to the last three or four luxury cars.

The top earners, the banking execs and hedge fund managers are the bastards who got us in this mess. They should have gone through the same fast track courts as the rioting scum and should have been given the same stiff sentences. Yet here they all are turning up at the annual selfish bastards jamboree aka Tory Party conference complaining that having to do their bit (by paying tax) is making them sad and thinking of leaving the country. Meanwhile the rest of us look on, suffering from appalling fuel costs and rising grocery bills wondering what planet these twats are on.

And then these thieving and negligent bastards have the gall to say that what’s stopping the economy growing is irritants like women wanting babies and workers wanting their rights protected. Any sensible government would tell these economic vandals to take a running jump. But what has the government done? Decided that workers will have to wait two years to get redress from en employment tribunal. Well fuck me running, that’s really going to get the economy working again isn’t it?

Grrrrr I have more to say. But the evil, yes genuine evil, of people wanting to remove workers rights (fought for over hundreds of years) using the state of the economy as an excuse, makes me too sweary to make it worth carrying on. Anything else on this subject would just be a string of profanities and threats of extreme violence. So I’ll end it here.