Feed the Children

The continued refusal of the Tory government to feed the poorest children brings shame to our country.

The first week of “Eat Out to Help Out” cost over £100 million. The scheme has cost over £500 million so far. The cost of feeding the poorest children would cost just £20m per week.

We’re told there’s not enough money to feed these children. But what is there money for?

  • Operation Moonshot (£100bn)
  • Brexit (£200bn)
  • Failed Test & Trace (£12bn)
  • Government cronies making dodgy PPE (£billions)
  • Consultants on Test & Trace (£7k a day)

There’s also £400 a week food allowance for each Member of Parliament. And we’ve enough money that MPs will be getting a £3000 a year raise.

Tories often say we shouldn’t be helping poor people abroad, we should be “helping our own”. But when given the chance to “help our own” they turn their backs.

Every vote yesterday against feeding the poorest children was by a Tory. Only five Conservative MPs did the right thing. Five. The MP for West Dorset unsurprisingly was not one of those five. Another of those voting against feeding these children was Children’s Minister Vicky Ford.

It was quite a busy day for Tory MPs yesterday, they also:

  • Stopped South Yorks topping up Covid pay of those on minimum wage
  • Stopped EU citizens having physical proof of status
  • Stopped Brits in EU having right of return for family
  • Lied re Sadiq Khan (Khan has reduced the deficit Boris left London with, not increased it)

You might ask, should we be subsidising food for people? Well look at the menu image this is how every one of us paying taxes subsidises food in the Houses of Parliament.

Many children will go hungry this Christmas. And not a single one needed to. We are supposedly a rich country. So rich we can leave the best trading block on the planet to instead go our own way. It will be marvellous, a return to the glory days of Empire, sunlit uplands. And yet we can’t buy poor kids some breakfast?