Creationists No Longer Welcome

I know it’s a bit late for talking of new year resolutions but earlier in the month I couldn’t actually think of anything I wanted to promise myself in 2012. After some thought I’ve now decided on something – partly inspired by the approach of the BBC radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage.

Over the years I’ve embroiled myself in many a complex argument with creationists and those that subscribe to the intelligent design concept. The sad fact is these people are too into their delusions and lies to admit their error. You can’t change the opinion of people this stupid. And I’ve come to realise I’m just wasting my breath.

The other problem with debating with creationists and especially intelligent design advocates is that they believe that their view is of equal value in a scientific discussion as those who offer real scientific theories. In trying to debate with these muppets we’ve given them credence, which is far from what they deserve. They peddle their “evolution is just a theory” nonsense at length – despite not understand what “theory” actually means in a scientific context. They believe that “theory” means guess, it doesn’t.

I can understand that creationist point of view. A belief in an all powerful God logically includes the belief that God can create everything in an instant, in seven days or whatever period of time you choose. Yet the universe their God created wasn’t created in that way. Just as a pot thrown on a wheel shows the marks and fingerprints of the potter, our universe displays the methods of its making for all to see. These methods have been revealed to inquiring minds over millenia. We have learned how energy became matter, how that matter came together to form atoms, stars, planets, galaxies, dinosaurs and ultimately us.

An intelligent person of faith would say – “I do believe in a God that could create the universe in seven days – but he didn’t do it that way. Science has revealed how our universe came into being over billions of years. I believe it was God who set this process in motion, but I can agree with scientists on how the universe unfolded along scientific principles. To deny the way the universe has evolved is to deny the clues revealed before us, to believe the universe was created in seven days therefore would require the universe to built of lies, and my God isn’t a liar. I can agree with science on the ‘how’ but not the ‘why’.”

There are many people of faith who take this point of view. Sadly there are also many of the other sort, who think the universe is full of lies – from cosmic background radiation to dinosaur bones. Intelligent design takes these lies one step further. It is a psuedo-scientific thought process that presents itself as science, yet it is built completely on lies. Sure, an architect of intelligent design would not admit to those lies, but I know, and they know in their heart, that their view requires them to have falsified data and ignored many scientific principles and laws. They know in their heart that they are lying for their God. Their God doesn’t need their lies, they are actually working against their faith.

Intelligent design is advertised as science – some sort of rival to regular science. You may as well replace the word science with truth. These people set their stall out as a rival to truth. While I’m no friend of the current UK administration, the one good thing our government has done since coming to power is indicate that such stupidity as intelligent design has no place in our schools.

Like the Infinite Monkey Cage I’ve decided to stop getting worked up about the subject by trying to debate with creationists and intelligent design nuts. There isn’t a level playing field, there isn’t two sides to an argument. Their point of view is just stupid bullshit. Evolution and the big bang are facts, there’s no sense arguing with people who would deny two plus two equals four if their holy book said it made five. I’m bored of the whole thing. Bored of debating sweary offensive comments left (ironically by Christian creationists) on my various blog posts on the subject. Bored of banging my head against the brick wall of their stupidity.

If you’re a creationist I’m not interested in your opinions of science. The comment sections here are for discussion between intelligent people, people who value education and books, not to argue with you dimwits. So there will be no more debate. Post all you like, your idiotic dribble will always be deleted without answer to leave room for the intelligent to converse. You and your lies are not welcome here in any form.