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Annoying TV Personalities

It’s a lovely sunny afternoon here in Essex, I’m enjoying a lunch of cheese and onion toasties and feeling all relaxed and happy. So what better time to stick the knife in to the various folks on TV that have been annoying the hell out of me recently. There are some people whose very appearance …

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British TV Is Rubbish

What on earth has happened to television in recent years? Yes I know we’ve always had plenty of guff on TV such as Mind Your Language and Allo Allo, but looking at the current TV schedules I can’t remember a time when there was so much utter rubbish on the television. Even the established genres …

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Dumbing Down Science

There’s a very interesting article about media attitudes to science over at The Guardian Online today. While regular readers of the blog will know I have very little time for religious groups who attack science I hadn’t given much thought to the way the mainstream media uses scientific research. But just look at the whole …

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