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Life Changing? No, Just a Gameshow

Something odd has happened to British television in the last couple of years. The gameshow, once a staple of primetime television, has disappeared from our screens. Or has it?

Grandpa In My Pocket

Cbeebies is full of very strange programmes. Take Numberjacks for example. This appears to be a remake of spooky 70s show Sapphire & Steele albeit with the eponymous heroes replaced with CGI talking numbers that live inside a sofa. Then of course there’s Waybaloo a show about dwarfish Buddhists with speech and learning difficulties, which …

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The New TV Editing Menace

I’ve written before about some of modern television’s mad new techniques to stretch half an hour into an hour slot. Shows like Location Location do this a lot and I ranted about it here. But there’s an even more annoying technique starting to appear over here. As ever this is a US invention, where if …

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Dave…Not His Real Name

I’ve made it pretty clear in the past how I feel about the increasing dumbing down of the once great BBC News presentation – the silly pointless live linkups etc. One other thing that’s getting on my goat is the way the news deals with people who wish to retain their anonymity. Often these people …

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Channel Four Nonsense

Have you noticed something very wrong with many of Channel Four’s output over the last few years? My beef is in the way many of its home-grown reality shows are edited. Channel Four seems to think we all suffer from ADD or that we couldn’t possible join Supernanny or Location Location Location and understand what …

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Our days of chopping cucumber are over

The Channel Four programme Bringing Up Baby (open in a new window/tab) has been a real hit in our household, bringing much merriment for four weeks here to our family. The show featured several families all trying to look after their newborn babies following one of three childcare philosophies. These were the 1960s “mummy knows …

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