Self Indulgence

Through My Eyes

My wonky eyes have given me an idea for a new photography project. My hobby of photography has been on something of a backburner of late. I’ve been bereft of ideas. But I’ve suddenly had one. Thought I’m not sure how successful it would be. My idea is this. Get out there and create a …

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RIP Our Fridge

The sort of fridge we can't afford

Our fridge gave up today, meaning we’ve had to order a new one and throw a lot of food away. Your fridge dying is life’s shitty middle-aged way of saying “no you can’t have a 4K TV in your lounge.”

Lent Sacrifice

I’m not a spiritual person – I don’t give up things for lent as a religious observance. However this year I’ve joined my wife in giving up Twitter and Facebook for lent.

My Sex Is On Fire

I wrote recently about how I wasn’t well at the moment and some of the rather unpleasant procedures I’ve undergone to get to the bottom1 of whatever is wrong with me.

What’s the matter with Harry?

I’ve not enjoyed the latter half of 2011 thanks to a lingering illness. What’s wrong with me? My guess is something as simple as kidney stones, but it has been a tough few months that has seen me at times feeling a-okay and other times in pain and having to take to my bed.

Filing Wives in Chronological Order

I wish to register a complaint. My complaint is with the jargon one has to work with when discussing your married relationships should you have been married more than once.

A Retrospective

I recently received the official wedding photos for mine and Lanie’s wedding. I won’t bore you with why it’s taken over three years for me to receive the photos we paid for – at least I have them now and that’s that.