The Whole Women Bishops Thing

Imagine for one moment that rather than being a lapsed Roman Catholic married to an Anglican priest I’m actually a member of the Anglican church. Think harder now, imagine that I’m actually the Archbishop of Canterbury and this is the speech I would give to the Anglican Synod today regarding women bishops and the future …

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Cross Purposes

Once again the subject of wearing crosses in the workplace has reared its head again following the government’s decision that there is no automatic right to wear one.On this rare occasion I agree with the government. The sort of people who get annoyed by this kind of thing have already been getting worked up about …

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Creationists No Longer Welcome

I know it’s a bit late for talking of new year resolutions but earlier in the month I couldn’t actually think of anything I wanted to promise myself in 2012. After some thought I’ve now decided on something – partly inspired by the approach of the BBC radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage. Over the …

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No Sex Please – We’re a College Christian Union

Sexual morality, for want of a better phrase is something I believe is a completely private thing. Your choices on how you express your sexuality are between you, your partner and, if you’re of faith, your God.

Being sent to church

I hated going to church as a kid. Not unusual that. Not only did I find it boring, I just didn’t believe – and realised this was odd for a pretty young kid going through the usual rites of passage such as first confession, communion and confirmation.