Guitar String Bravado

I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years but this week had something of an epiphany. (warning dull short post about guitar strings). In the first few years I played .9 gauge strings. But then had a long period without playing. When I started again I started with .10 strings and that’s what I’ve played for …

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How I Didn’t Learn to Play Guitar

In 1989 I got a book that was just strumming easy chords to famous songs. It was frustrating because they weren’t necessarily in the right key and so I couldn’t play along with the records. But I persevered. n.

The Loudness War

If you only listen to music in your car or on public transport via headphones you are probably not aware of the way the modern CD has been ruining the sound of many classic albums and providing terrible reproduction of new records. The problem is that record companies today make albums as loud as possible. …

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The Wuss-Tones of Modern Rock

What in Tony Iommi’s blessed name is wrong with modern, so-called rock bands? I look at these bands such as Strokes, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and their ilk and the thing that strikes me is they must have some new setting on their amps called “teh ghey!” That’s the only explanation I can find for …

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