Lancaster Reunion 2003

In February 2003 a few of us old Cartmelians (and a Lonsdale lad) made our way to the hallowed ground of Lancaster University. Those present were James, Harry, Alex, Loz, Giles and Kevin. Here is a tale of another weekend of old farts living in the past. Hope you enjoy it.

It was going to be the magnificent seven, but due to impending marriage and house moving arrangements of last year’s infamous late night escapades Mr Mickleburgh we ended up as just a nice round 6.

And we are pleased to welcome two new entrants in the reunion hall of fame. Sir Alex of Walsh graced us with his presence this year as did Lord Giles of Middleton. Good to see our web based waffling and tales of drunken pizza ordering has had an effect and brought some new blood to these events.

Arrival this year was all by car with Gilesy and me arriving just after 6pm, allowing us the opportunity to park where the hell we wanted on campus. Gilesy it is fair to say wasn’t in the best of health, having claimed to have eaten a metal object. Either he’d been watching too much Simpsons (the one where Bart swallows a metal object from a packet of Krusty Flakes) or he’d been at the Shuriken Stars again! Due to the fact that we were first at the Uni, we had a pick of the rooms, so chose the one at the end of the corridor, which (because size matters) was the larger of the two in this block. The third room was somewhere across a courtyard, which later gave Kev & Loz the privacy they’d desired. …