That’s Not My…

It does look like the “That’s Not My…” series is running out of ideas, at least tasteful ones. There are signs that the “That’s Not My…” baby touchy-feely book series has run its course. It looks like the authors are running out of ideas. The evidence being the following extract from the next planned edition. …

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RIP Our Fridge

The sort of fridge we can't afford

Our fridge gave up today, meaning we’ve had to order a new one and throw a lot of food away. Your fridge dying is life’s shitty middle-aged way of saying “no you can’t have a 4K TV in your lounge.”

What’s the matter with Harry?

I’ve not enjoyed the latter half of 2011 thanks to a lingering illness. What’s wrong with me? My guess is something as simple as kidney stones, but it has been a tough few months that has seen me at times feeling a-okay and other times in pain and having to take to my bed.

The Birds & Bees Conversation

I’ve just driven back from town with my three year old daughter where we went to get a birthday card for a friend of hers and some groceries. Out of nowhere Kitty started the following conversation, which I though was well worth relating to you verbatim… Kitty: Daddy, how did you and mummy Lanie make …

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Grandpa In My Pocket

Cbeebies is full of very strange programmes. Take Numberjacks for example. This appears to be a remake of spooky 70s show Sapphire & Steele albeit with the eponymous heroes replaced with CGI talking numbers that live inside a sofa. Then of course there’s Waybaloo a show about dwarfish Buddhists with speech and learning difficulties, which …

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