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Guitar String Bravado

I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years but this week had something of an epiphany. (warning dull short post about guitar strings). In the first few years I played .9 gauge strings. But then had a long period without playing. When I started again I started with .10 strings and that’s what I’ve played for …

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How I Didn’t Learn to Play Guitar

In 1989 I got a book that was just strumming easy chords to famous songs. It was frustrating because they weren’t necessarily in the right key and so I couldn’t play along with the records. But I persevered. n.

Blackstar Unveils Revolutionary Marketing BS

British advertising bullshitter and sometime amplification manufacturer Blackstar has unveiled its latest state of the art marketing nonsense. The company describes its latest verbal slight of hand and customer misdirection as revolutionary.

Line 6 POD HD500 Tips & Tricks

I’ve been using the new Line6 POD HD500 for a week or so now and I’ve worked out a few tips and tricks you may like to try with your own unit. Some of these tips may work with the HD300/HD400 models too.