Votes for Children

Parents, I imagine that unless you’re loaded you aren’t exactly keen on the Coalition’s efforts so far. The massive real-world cuts in public spending – particularly on education and children’s services – certainly worry our family. Surestart has been crushed and the scandal of £9K per year university fees is hard to forget.

But why has this happened? Why has an electorate full of so many parents allowed a government to be formed that seems to be the enemy of young families? That’s down to the demographic issues and the make-up of the Tory party.


Trouble in Greendale

For many years now Royal Mail Postman Pat Clifton was the man you could always rely on in Greendale. He was the glue that held the community together, the face of officialdom that could be relied on to being the post whatever the weather. Not only did he bring the mail he was often there to save the day in many a community crisis.

But watch Pat at work today and something has gone terribly wrong. Rather than being the glue that holds the Greendale community together he seems to be the cause of most of the local problems. If you’ve a special event and need a package for it delivered on time, these times you can guarantee there will be some dreadful and potentially dangerous cock-up.