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Feed the Children

The continued refusal of the Tory government to feed the poorest children brings shame to our country. The first week of “Eat Out to Help Out” cost over £100 million. The scheme has cost over £500 million so far. The cost of feeding the poorest children would cost just £20m per week. We’re told there’s …

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Happy #nondom Day

Every general election has certain days you know will be super important. Even now it only takes a word or two to evoke those memories – such as “Gemma’s Ear”. Today the Labour party gave us #nondom – a promise to stop the unfair system where some rich people can avoid paying tax in this …

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Cross Purposes

Once again the subject of wearing crosses in the workplace has reared its head again following the government’s decision that there is no automatic right to wear one.On this rare occasion I agree with the government. The sort of people who get annoyed by this kind of thing have already been getting worked up about …

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