Who is Grumpyrocker?

So what’s it all about then? There’s no particular theme of the blog, I’m not a parent blogger or anything like that. As I said, I originally created this website to play host to some silly things Jimbo and I wrote – the site was there just to make it easy to share with friends. But from those lowly hand-coded html pages something bigger grew. It became the place I talked nonsense about my life. There have been plenty of changes during the lifetime of the site.

I began the blog as a single bloke living in Manchester. I was a website editor – mostly writing about videogames. You may have read my words on many a well known website, some that are still here, some that are sadly long gone. I’ve written for some of the biggest videogame sites and magazines, some that are still alive, some not.

Along the way I wrote about meeting an amazing girl and setting up home with her in London. We got married and were looking forward to arrival of twins. Things weren’t that simple though. That amazing girl was taken from me and our children the day after the twins were born.

As you’d expect the blog lost the frothy feel. From a silly site it because a place to talk of my experience as a widower raising twin babies. The blog became a way to communicate and stay in touch with some fabulous people who supported me – some I knew personally, others who took time to check in on me even though I was just a name on a webpage. Some of the darker posts from those days are no longer public on the blog.

As time passed my life changed again. I won’t bore you with all the details, you can read deeper on the blog. Today you find me married again and living in Dorset with my wife and three children. Somehow I have married a vicar and live in a rural West Dorset village. Quite a journey for this working-class Irish adoptee Catholic boy from South Manchester.

From 2007 I combined my website work with looking after my baby twins. I’m still working online. But the twins are in the middle of high school now, with my youngest son just starting there.

The lifetime of this site has seen major changes in the way people use the Internet. There was a time when the community on the site was so busy we even had a forum. These days social media is king and the truth is that I use Twitter much more than this site. But these pages have a place in my heart. And so while I do not post as much as I used to, I keep things going – not with the hope of attractive a huge readership – but for my own pleasure.

In early 2014 I decided to move the blog from its previous setting onto the WordPress platform. In doing so I made the decision to avoid bringing over many of the personal posts that tell the tale I discussed briefly above. This new WordPress blog is a fresh start and so while I’ve brought over much of the silliness from the old site I’ve avoided bringing over the sadness. I tell you this in case you were wondering if I only seemed to blog once every six months. No, I was quite prolific, but this new blog is a much edited down version of everything before spring 2014.

And while here I am in 2020 updating this page nothing much has changed. Except the whole world. A weird year for us all yes? My youngest son is about to start high school and I’m still a web and social media professional.

Welcome to the site. Thanks for visiting. And no I’m not necessarily grumpy, it just began as a screen name for videogames back in the mists of time.