This Website

Hello and welcome to my new blog. Or, if you’ve never visited this website before, welcome to my blog. I’ve had my site for over ten years now and there have been many changes along the way – both for me and the site itself.

I recently took the decision to move over to the WordPress platform having used B2evolution for many years. This presented me with a problem and an opportunity. None of the importers were good enough to transfer my 1300 posts over from my old website to this one. I sought several solutions but none were satisfactory.

In the end I realised my new site was an opportunity to look forwards and not back. So the new site you see before you may feature lots of silliness, humour, reviews and similar nonsense from years ago – but what it doesn’t feature much of is the myriad personal posts published over the years. Regular readers will know the ups and downs life offered me – especially upon becoming a father and widowed in the same week – but I took the chance to leave those posts behind.

During the lifetime of the site it hosted several other sites including BoomtownX (a videogames website) and Grumprocker (a music site). Some of those posts remain today as part of this simplified site. So there’s quite a mix here – an edited selection of my waffling about photography, television, movies, books and videogames. I hope you enjoy your stay.