The Watchers

I went for a walk at Westbay today, which is something I do quite often. I took my camera along and my Samyang 50mm f/1.2 lens. This lens is manual focus only and using it today was frustrating.

There’s no issue with the lens itself. I suffer from an eye problem called Keratoconus. It’s pretty bad in my left eye but thankfully my dominant right eye isn’t so affected. Not today though – my tired right eye made manual focusing through the camera’s EVF rather difficult and made me wish I had a camera with a bigger viewfinder.

Lightning Over Dorset

I was very lucky to get this shot last night. I’ve tried to capture lighting before but never quite got a satisfactory shot. This one however is pretty good.

The BBC certainly liked it as it was used on the website and I’m told made an appearance in the Ten O’clock News.