The Technology of Perverts?

I went for a walk along the canal a couple of days ago. It was a pleasant trip and I took some pictures I’m rather fond of, the above being the best.

But there was one aspect of the journey that wasn’t so fun. That is the way that people looked at me for carrying a decent camera.

For those of you wondering, the Canon EOS 40D is not, I repeat not, a device for taking pictures of your children’s genitalia through their clothes.


Searching for a Hobby

Ever since I moved down south my beloved L was determined for me to make some local friends and perhaps try a few new hobbies. I never really did that, mainly because being with L was such great fun that I rarely felt I needed any other company.

I did get involved with archery for a while as she was great at it, but in the end I found it not as interesting a hobby as I expected.

So with L passing I realise I do need to get out more, perhaps find a hobby that I can do that doesn’t mean dragging Patrick & Katie around a golf course or something complicated that would affect their feeding regimen.

For some time I’ve been considering getting more into photography. I’d talked to L about it and she encouraged me to find a local club or go on a nightschool course. And today I was spoke on the phone to a friend who has encouraged me to give it a go.

So I’ve decided I’m going to try to get more into photography, learn more about the subject and treat it as a more serious pastime than merely taking a few quick snaps. There’s plenty of gorgeous scenery around here and lots of interesting subjects, so it seems worthwhile.

I don’t know how good I’ll be at this, but at least I’ve found something new to occupy me other than making miserable blog posts.